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  • The temporomandibular joint is due to its complicated three-dimensional spatial movements, the movement system in the human body. Therefore, an accurate possible motion simulator (articulator) is required.
  • The articulator is a mechanical reproduction of the jaw system. He is to reconstruct the dimensional relationships of the lower jaw to the upper jaw and back his moves.
  • The transfer of individual patients measured at the temporomandibular joint orbits is a prerequisite for individual functioning dentures.For this you need a face-bow transfer.
  • This helps the spatial transmission of the lower jaw to optimize the articulator, such as the individual removal of his jaw and teeth to the jaw joint. The dentist also registered to each other using the centric bite record the jaw relations of the maxilla and mandible.
  • When you remove one of these measures is left to the random functional dentures.With the impression of the teeth or alveolar ridges in the mouth of the patient models are made of super-hard stone and pine used in the articulator joint related.The individual working documents are now available for dental technician.



  • The requirements for dentists has increased enormously. Firstly, allow complex surgical techniques and technical innovations, time and cost intensive treatment plans. On the other hand, the patients are informed and expect more and more minimally invasive treatments without complications. Therefore, accurate diagnostics and indications of great importance.
  • We offer high quality dental restorations from inlays to the abutment, from cobalt-chromium zirconium. We can build on many years of experience in the development of innovative technologies such as scanning technology and 5-axis milling process. With our technology we can produce results system at a high level in all materials.



  • We have long dealt with various ways of model production . Today we use pin models of the Giro Form ® system from AmannGirrbach. It is extremely accurate, outwitted with plastic base plate and drilled brass pins individually the gypsum expansion of the toothed ring and is thus reproducible results again in exactly the situation in the mouth. In Giroform ® system, a magnetic split cast plate is included. All models and sprockets are cast from the same gypsum, including opposing jaw, situation models, and models for repairs. We use only the stump of synthetic gypsum Rocky Mountain, a super-hard gypsum of the company Klasse 4 This is an efficient, albeit costly way,but gives us the guarantee of consistent quality models.
  • Our gypsum is generally weighed and measured accurately program Distiliertes water. Mixed under vacuum, we obtain a uniform, low expansion and a perfectly smooth surface.
  • The raw gypsum used to manufacture our dental gypsum taken from food production. They are produced during the manufacture of citric acid, therefore, contain no natural contaminants, including toxins and foreign substances, as used in gypsum from flue gas desulphurisation (RAE) are common to account for. They must be confirmed by consistent quality, our own measurements of the plaster expansion and dimensional stability of the manufacturer's instructions.



  • For planning and renewal of dental structures and restorations, we need accurate data about the position of the jaw to the skull, on the motion of the jaw joints and the position of your teeth in the maxilla and mandible, which ensures the facebow.
  • The result not only creates good conditions for proper dentures, also makes it possible to prevent late damage in the jaw joints.
  • For a successful treatment is the application of the face bow for bite splints, crowns, bridges, dentures, implant-supported prostheses inevitable.


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